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World Business Coach – Level 1

A Training for Junior Managers

This training is based on the concept of our best-selling programme Open Management and gives the candidates basic training in leadership coaching styles with the focus on group work.

Apart from being trained in leading a coaching interview and learning psychological theories, the candidates will focus on group work. In this programme, the candidates will also be trained in using group dynamics tools and group techniques.

This training programme is designed as a manager academy for young, inexperienced managers who are developing their leadership skills, knowledge of management psychology and ways to improve team performance and project cooperation. It is intended for those managers who are committed to reaching team coherence, supporting good relationships in the workplace and developing the creativity of thinking.

This training is self-experiential – it gives a realistic illustration of the group development phases. The training’s lecturers include experienced and successful managers, psychologists and business coaches. The training’s graduates will have gained invaluable knowledge of the large spectrum of available methods, techniques and teamwork processes as well as personal experience of group dynamics.