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Specialized Leadership Workshops

The specialized workshops, provided by the Made in Czechoslovakia company, are intended for members of top management or anyone interested in this field, who are in charge of mid-size to large teams. The content and structure of these workshops address the two most discussed issues of leadership at the present time:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Psychopathology in the workplace

Because both of these areas are extensive and serious, two separate workshops have been designed. Both workshops are composed of three days of intensive training, during which managers and chief executives learn about the latest research findings in management psychology, advantages and disadvantages of different leadership styles as well as risks that companies face when psychopathology and social pathology traits are present in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership Workshop

This workshop introduces the participants to the latest findings in management psychology and gives them an insight into the relationship between business growth, management style, productivity, performance and emotional intelligence of employees and their superiors.

What will you learn in this workshop?

Apart from learning theory, the participants will have an opportunity to get familiar with various types of test assessment and psychological techniques, and analyse video sessions which use evaluation and tools for developing empathy and other parts of emotional intelligence. This will help the participants to come to a better understanding of how effective staff leadership and empathy are related. The practical part of the workshop involves the participants taking an emotional intelligence test (MSCEIT).

This workshop also aims to help participants uncover hidden potential for controlling emotions, using emotions in business and sales, understanding emotions and using emotional experience strategically.

Psychopathology in Organizations Workshop

One of the most recent hot topics in the field of leadership is psychopathological phenomena in the workplace such as the burnout syndrome, depression, manipulation, or when an extremely high pressure is put on employees’ performance and productivity. These phenomena may often stem from a pathological style of leadership and management.

The aim of this 3-day workshop is to present the psychological nature of manipulation to managers and head staff, which is, when hidden, one of the most dangerous tools of affecting human behaviour, thinking and emotional experiencing.

What will you learn in this workshop?

In the workshop, you will learn about the basic personality traits of pathological individuals and the most common personality disorders as defined by the modern psychology and psychiatry.

You will also get a basic overview of the differences between, for example, a personality disorder and the so-called mood disorder or neurosis etc. Additionally, you will become familiar with the social pathology phenomena in the workplace such as bossing, stalking, gossiping, deliberate avoidance of cooperation, interpersonal conflicts, a breach of trust etc.

The workshop’s main theme is manipulation as the most widespread form of pathology that is present in the business environment. In this course, examples of various forms of manipulation, both obvious and subtle, video interviews with renowned personalities and current research findings in this field will be presented.

Lastly, the participants will be trained to be able to defend themselves against manipulation, they will share their own experience with manipulation and will be shown examples of using assertiveness techniques.