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Open Management®

An Accredited Programme for TOP Management

The OPEN MANAGEMENT programme is an intensive course for top and senior management and HR specialists who wish to acquire scientific and practical knowledge in the field of leadership, and integrate talent development and coaching into daily work practice. This programme is a basic training-in-coaching programme for companies, comprising of 25 days of tuition divided into 8 three-day sessions and 1 day final exams (oral and thesis defense). This course belongs to one of our most favourite management education programmes among our clients.

This best-seller programme with a 10-year tradition includes:

The programme is available in 3 different study modules

Building on experience over the years, we have adapted to development needs of different levels of management in a company (ranging from the middle and senior management level to the top-level management and C-level executives) and offer 3 basic modules of the Open Management programme. Each module differs in the level of complexity of psychological theories and the number of hours of training in coaching that can be applied into practice immediately.