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Personality Profiles

Our mission is to help companies progress and grow. We realize that sustainable growth goes hand in hand with using full potential of the most valuable part of each company: the employees.

At Made in Czechoslovakia, we work with thoroughly selected individuality and personality tests to find that hidden potential in key employees and indentify dimensions in their personalities that are crucial for the success of their department.

Our profiling gives your organization, as well as the candidate or employee concerned, the opportunity to receive a detailed analysis of his/her personality. The profile structure and methods used vary, depending on the context. In a manager’s profile, emphasis is placed on team leadership skills and high emotional intelligence. In profiles of helping professionals or professions where teamwork and trust are key elements, we use tests and methods that assess the meaningfulness of professional and personal life and identify thinking frames.

However, each type of profiling is able to detect traces of psychopathology such as personality deviations or mood disorders, if present, because we believe that the absence of psychopathology in a worker’s personality is absolutely vital if his/her actions have a direct impact on the lives of others. This is why our profiling not only includes a combination of various standardized tests, but also polygraph examination. For key positions, we are able to verify the truthfulness of statements of the subject tested by including critical items such as initial psychiatric treatment, drug use or employment history, should the contractor request it.

Through analysis of individual profiles of your employees, the following areas will be revealed: