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We carry out psychological assessment by which we uncover the psychological dimensions that prevent your business, as well as employee work performance, from growing. We are able to identify the reasons for deteriorated cooperation, lack of motivation and high employee turnover prevailing in your organization, and assess the reasons for business stagnation or decline of your management’s performance.

Are you in a process of selecting candidates for a key position in your company? Are you about to move somebody in your company to a higher rank that demands new, challenging responsibilities? Are you trying to build a new team on unique personalities? For key positions in your organization, we deliver detailed, psychological candidate profiles, which are based on globally recognized and psychometrically standardized assessment methods. This includes implementing cultural and national standards, administrating profile interview and supplying English translation of the profile.

Our team members include world-renowned university alumni, court appointed experts and researchers from Charles University in Prague, who allow us to provide our clients with special care and achieve highly accurate assessment outcome.