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About our company

The Made in Czechoslovakia company engages in the prevention, psychological assesment and correction of social pathology in organizations, with the aim to accelerate business growth. It is the only organization in the Czech Republic of such kind.

Our services are of a preventive, diagnostic and intervention nature and are based on scientific, psychological findings and resources. Our World Business Coach – Level 2® programme was granted accreditation by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) headquartered in Canada, which makes Made in Czechoslovakia s.r.o. the only organization in Central Europe (next to two other European organizations based in Milan and London) whose business coaching training programme has been awarded the prestigious WABC Accredited (Level 2 – CBC) global designation and meets the highest global standards for business coaching training programmes. 

Our company awards certificates in the fields of occupational psychology, psychological assessment and business coaching, which meet the highest qualification standards on a global scale.

We carry out personality profiling of candidates for highly-influential leadership positions, and work on developing emotional intelligence of managers whose professional conduct has a direct impact on professional and personal lives of their subordinates.

We focus on correcting undesired behaviour of employees that stems from deteriorated relationships in a team, lack of trust and dysfunctional cooperation, which all lead to business stagnation in an organization.

Based on the latest global research in the field of occupational psychology, we carry out psychological assessment and evaluation of employees‘ job satisfaction and identification with the company’s corporate culture, values, philosophy and business goals, and measure the level of undesired psychological phenomena, prevailing in an organization, such as:

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Our services are performed in a strictly discreet manner. Our networking is based on exchanging personal references between company owners, CEOs or HR directors. Our references are available upon request, which include contacts on key representatives of our client organizations. We do not publish our clients’ references publicly. Our services are offered as niche-business services.